Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My stem is cracked. Fuck.

Dan told me to cook a steak and eat it, and I reluctantly did. Then ate it, and wondered why I was reluctant to do so. I'm also pretending that I didn't read a reminder to take the trash out and shit, but everyone will know I read it now since I spoke of it on the family/house blog. Fuck. I also drank out of one of Dan's water bottles. Hopefully he wont find out. Fuck. I had a Sparks with my pizza this after noon making one of the better 4 dollar lunches I've had. It would've been a 3 dollar lunch if it was dumplings, which I will eat tomorrow.


dan said...

its not that i dont like your blog entry its just that i hate that eva has to read it out loud.

eva said...

eat a dick, dan
i'm precious