Saturday, July 4, 2009

This is the day we celebrate our independance...

This is the day we celebrate our independence, by showing our dependence on alcohol, fireworks, and meat products. America is beautiful. For breakfast I had a double cheeseburger, french fries, and a chocolate milk shake. I plan on eating at least 6 more beef patties today. If I eat any less I'll feel like I'm not being a very good American.

I cut all my hair off and shaved my beard. The beard was just too much to deal with in the heat of the outdoors. I guess I'm not a very good outdoors man if I can't handle having a beard.

On another note, I've recently gotten into facebook. It's much more addictive than myspace. It's as if myspace is cocaine, and facebook is pure china white.

Charlie is going to have to get a brother soon, maybe a sister.


Bitchpaw Personified

I just helped buzz Dwain's hair, which is awesome, because I have been waiting for him to decide it was time for a haircut for a few weeks now. Dan's fucking next.

In other news, this video is fucking awesome:

Karl Poynter rollback - brighton ain't ready from Czerwin on Vimeo.

Also, I finally got surgery on my wrist. After five months of bullshit and physical therapy, my orthopedic surgeon decided it might be time to get serious. My bitch cartilage was torn up, so they trimmed the shredded part off. I'm healin'. The only bummer is the scars won't be so cool and I can't ride my bike. I gotta get serious about makin' Dan tune-up the tandem so my menz can take me out on it.