Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's pouring outside

I started school this week. It was stupid. I might be more bummed out about the death of Dwain's BMW than he is.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Austin and Kym are not my North American Cycle Courier Champions

Austin has been working for Ralph Nader and Kym says she works in house for her spin studio. That spin studio uses Trackstar Couriers and Ralph Nader is not a messenger company to my knowledge.

If your main source of income is not from messenger work you shouldn’t go contesting a champion ship meant for those that make their living doing such work. A full time courier doesn’t have the luxury of rest days, or quality training rides, or sometimes even making enough money to travel to these events.

There are plenty of races that are for everyone. The NACCC, the CMWC, and the ECMC are not.

In conclusion, both those dudes are nice and are fast, but fuck’em they don’t work as messengers.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Suffer, Piss, Eat, Win!





Monday, September 1, 2008

best part of dan winning in vermont this weekend:

the maple syrup that comes in a little cabin shaped tin.

you leave an empty space inside me similiar in that to the void an ex girlfriend I may have really been into left inside me.

The Dumpling King's rein is over. I blame my empty pockets and empty stomach on this. It's a sign of changing times. Inflation, recession, and widespread apathy, with no sign of change in the future. Except Barack Obama, who gives me the hope that one day dumplings will be readily available to me once again, much like a perfect world would be. I know the logical reader is probably saying to themselfs that there are many places in the city of New York that has dumplings for cheap, and on the fly. They're not the same. They just arn't. Some say that other spots are better, but I don't want better. Better is not a fucking replacement. Besides, better comes with a cost too heavy for me to justify. So I ask you all to raise your drinks to what once was the place that lead me to beleive that the stomach maybe really is the way to a mans heart, in this fairwell toast to the Dumpling King. I fucking miss you.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

More Pain.

The last two days have been a bit… blurry.

The second day of the Green Mountain Stage Race went more or less according to plan. One rider soloed in for a 38 second advantage over the rest of us. This did not change the GC as he began the day 55 seconds back after the time trial. I did as little work as possible and pretty much had a boring 70 mile ride around Vermont. The only excitement in yesterdays race was provided by the 4 crashes. All within the last ten miles of the race. I didn’t see any of them as they all happened behind me. This makes me a bit nervous for the crit tomorrow. But ill get to other reasons I’m nervous about tomorrow in a second.

Today was the big day. The penultimate stage of this race. Ahead was eighty miles and two mountains. The yellow jersey only had eleven seconds on me.

About four hours latter and with just 1 kilometer left, I came around a corner to see the top of Appalachian gap in front of me. The last 500 meters are the steepest with grades well over 20%. The only thing I can remember was suddenly seeing Dave T and Keith running besides me urging me on. I screamed at them to push me up this fucking hill. I crossed the line and the only thing I could say was “someone catch me”.

Thanks to the kind dude Matt C from Affinity who caught me.

I won the stage and took over the lead in the GC.

Tomorrow I have to defend it in the crit.

Just one more day left.