Sunday, August 10, 2008

There is no beer in the fridge as always

Here is a picture of that dumb cat pretending she is a loaf of bread backing in the sun.

The internet has been out since Eva posted Friday morning. I had that fixed today. I took out the recycling. I did the dishes. I bought some stuff the fridge was missing.

Here is a picture of Dwain.

I also rode 130 kilometers today. Andrew and my self have decided to adopt the metric system. We also need to learn French and walk around pretending we are a pair of ex under twenty three neo pros who got burned out after racing in Europe.

This is the breakfast that made my weekend.

Another thing I did today, or I should say some dumb ass on a specialized langster did is break my derailleur hanger of my Raleigh. Great now I have to track down a replacement hanger before this weekend. While my derailleur hangs out being only attached to my bike by the cable. As much as I like my steel road bike I don’t pretend that it will be much fun trying to push it up a fifteen percent grade at the capital region road race.

1 comment:

Julia said...

You must have made Eva happy by doing all this shit...
Definitely adopt the metric system - it makes your milage more impressive...
Love the dumb cat