Friday, August 29, 2008

Vermont, Road Rash, Pain.

I just got out of the shower after the first day of racing. I never knew five and a half miles could put me in so much pain. Today was just the prologue stage which was an individual time trail. Everyone started thirty seconds apart. The first 3k were up hill and then it rolled with one more really steep hill in the last finish. I managed to catch the two dudes who started in front of me which was my goal. I finished second overall by two tenths of a second. Which puts me in a good position to make an attack on the General Classification on Sunday.

Tomorrow the goal is the do as little work as possible. Ride defensively, suck wheel, not loose any time on GC and I will be golden.

I forgot the cord for my camera so pictures for all this will be up when I come back and get around to it. So like November probably.

Yesterday was probably more eventful. On our way up we got our car stuck in a ditch of which i have photos. I forgot the camera cord so i cant send you any awesome photos of us pushing the car. For a second we though we were fucked and would have to call for a tow. Then we unpacked and went to check out the course for today. We met up with a few other racers. One guy pretty much shit his pants when he found out i was a bike messenger. Apparently people out side of New York City give a shit. who knew? He started talking about BikeSnobNYC. At this point it was dark and we road over to the spot to pick up our racer numbers. Suddenly i hit a speed bump which I off course failed to see. I suddenly realize I'm not holding my bars anymore. Somehow i found the time to look back, yell "what the fuck was that?" before flopping down on my right side and sliding a good ten feet on my hip. Showing up to registration bloody, in torn shorts, was a classy move on my part.


eva said...

yo papi... my straps broke today- i am so sorry but i borrowed your rainbow ones until i could get into the city to get a new pair. i'm a dead beat, but you're the ill athlete (i am starting my MC career right now)

dan said...

thats the second strap you borrowed from me. you still have to give me that campy strap back. but yeah i can wait till your mc carrier takes off.