Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's not that I don't want to blog,

it's just that I am usually so tired.

As pictured, Charlie is still sleeping too much. Unlike images of her from the past, here we see Charlie at her most vulnerable. I don't really know what happened to Charlie during her early development that has caused her to act completely unlike anything resembling a cat, but, I will also never know. Dan was fostering her for the time that I think she learned most of her bizarre/uncharacterizable habits. I love her regardless, and I think Dwain has learned to too. I sometimes catch him cuddling her real close to his face, even though I know it makes his eyes turn red and water for hours. I learned that from watching him try to wear clothes he left on the floor for too long and that Charlie turned into one of her many nap spots.

This is also really important for all of our readers to see:

Yup. It's Crihs at his most darling. I'm pretty sure Dan missed this... but hopefully many got to catch him on his way home in his new shorts. I promised him I'd put this online.

I've been reading about the economic collapse pretty consistently on the NY Times website... I actually laughed out loud/wanted to cry when I saw the literally 1.5" tall font they used to convey the headline, which, I don't remember verbatim but, read something like "BAILOUT PLAN FAILS. DOW DROPS 777 POINTS TODAY". It was kind of hilarious to see- but only when speaking from the most cynical point of view possible. As I am writing this, I also just read that after revision and a re-vote tonight, the bailout plan has passed. I'm really really relieved/horrified/frustrated. It is completely out of my control, and because of that, I hope it is the right thing. Economic collapse is definitely a bummer- maybe one day I can again have hope for social security and retirement before I am 80.

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