Monday, November 3, 2008

Greatings from the land of grey and damp.

I'm gone for a few days and look what happens, campy hubs start exploding and things that aren't c-record start being called c-record. Crazy. I hope Dwain is staying out of trouble? Or maybe his hubs have simply vanished from this world all together?

London is pretty amusing. Its kinda like being in New York three years ago. People trow around words that have long since left circulation in NYC such as Fakenger. Front breaks are as prevalent as conversions and riding a fixed gear is just now as we speak starting to lose its status as something to talk about. Oh and both my lights got stolen. What the fuck?

Did i mention it rains a lot?

I might take another nap now and then ride of in to London looking for a job.


eva said...

yesss your mom follows our blog

shut up

dan said...


eva said...

miss ya

Dwain said...

i hate jobs

dan said...

well jobs hate you!
dwain write a blog to entertain me god!