Friday, September 4, 2009

I am very bored.

My knee got ravaged this week at work, so I've been doing a whole lot of fucking nothing. My sleep schedule is so jacked it's on the verge of turning into insomnia, I could be drinking to aid in the return of a normal amount of nightly sleep, but I've been scared of bleeding out of my knee hole, well except for the other night. What can I say liquid courage got to me before the concern of infection and open wounds did.
I'm starting to count the days that are left in this loft. I'm bummed and excited at the same time for it to all be over, hopefully we can incur a ten thousand dollar debt before it's said and done. Expect one hell of a demolition party when we're the fuck outta hear. Details will come.
This is now my 27th hour of a milkshake craving. I don't know what the problem is but my timing is shit when it comes to Mr. Softee and his route of sugar and destruction.
Hey look at that I blogged.

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