Thursday, September 4, 2008

Austin and Kym are not my North American Cycle Courier Champions

Austin has been working for Ralph Nader and Kym says she works in house for her spin studio. That spin studio uses Trackstar Couriers and Ralph Nader is not a messenger company to my knowledge.

If your main source of income is not from messenger work you shouldn’t go contesting a champion ship meant for those that make their living doing such work. A full time courier doesn’t have the luxury of rest days, or quality training rides, or sometimes even making enough money to travel to these events.

There are plenty of races that are for everyone. The NACCC, the CMWC, and the ECMC are not.

In conclusion, both those dudes are nice and are fast, but fuck’em they don’t work as messengers.


arevesz said...

your take on events are always refreshing for me and makes me realize not to take life at face value, thanks for sharing
another note to all 3 of sixthreetwo: I enjoy reading your posts - keep it up!

eva said...

word up