Monday, September 1, 2008

you leave an empty space inside me similiar in that to the void an ex girlfriend I may have really been into left inside me.

The Dumpling King's rein is over. I blame my empty pockets and empty stomach on this. It's a sign of changing times. Inflation, recession, and widespread apathy, with no sign of change in the future. Except Barack Obama, who gives me the hope that one day dumplings will be readily available to me once again, much like a perfect world would be. I know the logical reader is probably saying to themselfs that there are many places in the city of New York that has dumplings for cheap, and on the fly. They're not the same. They just arn't. Some say that other spots are better, but I don't want better. Better is not a fucking replacement. Besides, better comes with a cost too heavy for me to justify. So I ask you all to raise your drinks to what once was the place that lead me to beleive that the stomach maybe really is the way to a mans heart, in this fairwell toast to the Dumpling King. I fucking miss you.

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