Thursday, October 16, 2008

News clippings and the stating of facts.

Yes, hello.

So there has been a rampant lack of blogging as of late in the all mighty six three two house hold. I pledge to you dear readers that I will seek out whatever is causing it and weed it out with the same vigor and conviction of a French anti doping agent. In other words things are not likely to change and you are just going to have to love it or leave it.

Our first topic today is about a very disturbing article I read today over my morning coffee in AM New York. Apparently a legislator for the state of Nebraska had filed a law suit against none other then God. Ernie Chambers was seeking an permanent injunction against God. On what grounds you may ask? Well according to dear Ernie God has been making terroristic threats against the senator and his constituents in Omaha, inspired fear and caused “widespread death, destruction and terrorization of millions upon millions of the Earths inhabitants.” Some pretty heavy charges no doubt. Bummer for Ernie because no one could find this God to give him the proper paper work so Judge Marlon Polk threw out the case.

Ernie reasons that “Since God knows everything, God has notice of this lawsuit”.

Moving on to the stating of facts.

It has recently been pointed out by a 1/3rd of six three two that we are in fact the most solid track bike house hold around. The other 2/3rd quickly agreed and the assessment was quickly proven by the solid fact that our track bike stable is simply superior to pretty much anything else out there.


Angry said...

if by "best track bike household" you mean "the household littered with the most empty chicken-nugget styrofoam containers from Dragon Wok" then you are correct. Think carefully and take your finest bikes, your most precious bikes to work today, good sirs and madams (an easy task for the more saintly among you, or, more bluntly, 2/3 of the household), because when you return home this evening, your locks shall have been handily smashed and the bicycle you have ridden this day shall be the only one you will posess. You also won't have a TV any more, if that matters. For, as no less a prophet than Jesus Fucking Christ once said,

"take all your miserly holdings, your tainted profits, your stockpiles of filthy blood-money and especially your featherlight zipps, so nimble in the criteriums and hills but a veritable Soviet tank of a metaphysical anchor for the delicate, desperately trapped ballon of your immortal soul upon this savage, beastly earth, so helplessly flailing for Heaven; give these things graciously and without rancor to the poorest and hungriest of your community and if you are to fail in this, may God the Father bless you with friends who love you enough to rob your ass blind and sell your shit on Ebay, for this benevolent, selfless action may be your last chance to get your greedy ass on the fast track to eternal salvation." (Angry 2:4)

Angry said...

ALSO i think JT and August got la licked. They got some hot shit over there. Wanna rob em?

dan said...

seeing as how all my stuff is still here i dont think you even have the conviction to go rob those pussys in red hook.