Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hate, hate, aniversary, hate, hate, hate, hate...

Shit there is so much crap out there these days. Lets start with Rapha. Now I'll be honest I own a bunch of Rapha shit and let me tell you its nice. You feel like you are whipping your ass with silk when your riding in their bibs and wrapping your self in the finest of wool(which it pretty much is anyway) when wearing their jerseys.

Exhibit A: The Tweed Soft Shell

First the really stupid thing about this jacket. Its seven hundred and fifty dollars. I wont bore you with the list of things I would rather do with that much money. But lets just say one of them would be buy two of the classic Rapha soft shell jackets which are at least designed to be used for riding.

By the looks of things this motherfucker only has one pocket. Oh and did I mention its tweed? Yeah try wearing that stupid thing on your next group ride? I could justify dropping the cash on the classic soft shell because it was at least designed for riding in. This is just a stupidly expensive cycling jacket that will not match any bib short ever made nor will it hold your wallet AS WELL AS a banana. Great just what we need.

Exhibit B: The Cross Bib and Jersey by Rapha.

What the fuck guys? No one who actually takes cross remotely seriously would race it in bibs and a jersey. Have you ever actually been to a cross race? Or did you just take your regular 3/4 length bib shorts slap some orange on them and call it a day? If you had actually watched a cross race you would notice that everyone has these crazy things called cross skin suits on. Strange... And yes unfortunately i have been racing cross this season in bibs and a jersey so far. But shit if I had enough money to afford this little set of gear I would have bought three Kissena cross suits by now.

Ok moving on to ZIPP. Yeah ZIPP you can go suck a dick you fucks. God I need a moment to calm down from all this anger welling up inside me. My race wheels since May have been a sweet set of 303 tubs that I bought brand new. These wheels did not even see 1500 miles since they only came out on race day. And they have the audacity to crack? Seriously ZIPP suck a dick.

Oh did I mention that as of two days ago I have been on the road for two years? Well its true. Two years ago I was a fresh faced kid who was way to exited about his job and ended up running everywhere. Shit I even took shits fast back then. These days I have slowed down a bit. Not on the bike. I think I actually got faster on the bike but in my attitude. It helps to be relaxed when people with jobs that suck treat you like shit all day. It also helps to look good(while dodging buses).

But I could never look as awesome as these guys. I want to be like these dudes when I grow up.

I had some other shit i wanted to rant about today but i think I'm done for the night. So long and good night.

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