Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thank God it isn't raining.

Reading the news is almost always a depressing endeavor. Someone is always up to no good, or someone is getting killed, or more horrible things are happening to someone. Last night reading the news really got me down, and I started drinking tall's of Coors. What headline was it that had me so distraught I could only turn to drinking? It wasn't a headline at all, but in fact the weather report, or should I say summer's obituary. It said nothing but rain, and cold weather all day, possibly even snow. Snow? Yes, Snow. Fuck snow. It's cold and powdery but isn't something you can put up your nose so I'm not sure what to do with it honestly, especially when it winds up in big piles near my stoop. I also am never sure how to dress, and waterproofing for my lower extremities, is at an all time low. Forcing me to generally be cold and wet from the waist down on a day as today was supposed to be. Something did however work out very well, and that is the fact there's no rain today, or tomorrow, or this week at all for that matter. Thank the pale ghost of jesus christ for that one. The flip side; fuck weather.com for making me think my day was going to suck ultra hard, when it will in fact just be similar to that of yesterday which wasn't really very bad at all except for being overworked dude to shorthandedness.

On other issues, Dan is still somewhere not in America, and I kind of miss him despite trying to not miss him. What can I say, I'm kind of attached.

The apartment hunt is going slowly. I hate people who hate me and dont want to give me things such as an apartment, which isn't even a gift but a rental, which I would gladly pay for. A smaller room is going to be smaller in a bad way.

I enjoy Philly, but I feel that it's overall bad for my health. The people however are pretty fucking rightous with me.

My bike feels drag ass. It could be me but I blame the bike.

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