Wednesday, December 10, 2008

632 is not dead

...we've all just slumped into seasonal depression.

The weather presents a big obstacle for us. While Dan and Dwain have to deal with it all day and a lot more than me, lately, every morning for all of us is a big bitch fest after we've checked (the latter of the two happens to be my resource of choice) and announced the news to the entire apartment (and probably building).

I fucking detest this weather. Mostly just because I can't deal with inconsistency. If it were at least 18 degrees EVERYDAY, I would definitely be more ok with that. I own great wool socks and windproof leggings that I would be more than happy to wear when prompted. Everyday it's a different story. Today it's 60 degrees and humid. Where am I? What is this, Miami? I don't even know how to dress for this weather.

It's also annoying because the weather's complete lack of routine and predictability means I have to carry all kinds of clothing so as to be prepared for whatever weather. Tomorrow it's probably going to snow. This is not based on any weather report I read, but rather my own personal weather prediction based on Murphy's Law which enables me to be ready for whatever shit does or does not fall from the sky.

Maybe it is just that swollen college degrees are in effect... We all know that many schools have dumbed down the curriculumns and a certain amount of grade inflation has gone on. This has probably enabled a lot of less qualified meteorologists to be working to incorrectly predict our weather. So maybe the truth of the problem is that the education system is faulted and everyone is staying dumber rather than better at telling me if it is going to rain or not. Or it could just be that we've ripped open a huge hole in the o-zone that is slowly but surely destroying the world, starting with what used to be called "seasons".

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