Monday, October 27, 2008

Crime with in the Empire

Petty crime in NYC is up. Violent crime is down. But try telling that to my face. My face decided without my consent to intervene on a mugging that was happening in broad day light on twenty eighth street right of fifth avenue. After running in to my face the mugger quickly dropped the iPhone he was steeling at this point the people chasing him lost all interest in him and they hardly bothered to notice my hero face and quickly clamored around the iPhone. Thats what you get stupid face. Next time you see someone stealing an iPhone you let them carry on.

This is just one of many crazy things that has happened to me in the last two years. Its probably just a stupid coincidence that the last two years and six days of my life I have spent working as a bike messenger.

Thirty six years and two days ago. This man road his bike for an hour at an average speed of 49.431kph which by the way is 30.714mph yeah there was a reason they called him the cannibal.

Oh and check out this nonsense while your at it. Before you ask, yes it will be more bad ass then Darth Vader.

Ok I'm of abroad for a bit. Its my passport status you see. I'm X9 at the moment, technically I'm a fugitive.

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